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Technotainment Streaming Media, Interactive Streaming and enagagement platform

Nyhl Henson - Founder


Mr. Henson is known for his involvement in the development of iconic brands like Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, MTV, CMT, and the Home Shopping Networks however, he is also noted for his successful Pay-Per-View presentations with the “The Rolling Stones” & “The Who”. He has been labeled by CAA, as the “Edison of Pay-Per-View.” He brought interactivity and gaming to TV initially as a part of Warner Communications’ QUBE project, which introduced Atari games. Henson credits this event for the creation of a revolutionary new art form called TECHNOTAINMENT.

Henson is driven by innovative disruptive Technologies in the Metaverse with Crypto-Currency through implementing NFT’s granting major advances in, Faith & Values, Self Improvement Personal Development, Boomers Parents & Families, Smart Music & Art genres. Together with Leading Universities He is building TAMI (Technotainment Arts Media Institute) Centers for Broadband Operations worldwide. Henson’s’ career began in graduate school at Southern Illinois University; where he was greatly influenced by resident Professor R. Buckminster Fuller, renowned Inventor and visionary. Henson serves on the Board of Directors of non-profit companies including GENI, an organization to investigate Fuller’s proposal that a global green electric energy grid can immediately and completely solve our world’s economic and ecological problems. Mr. Henson is a member of the Presidents Advisory Board, School of Mass Communications at Southern Illinois University.


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